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Simple Steps for Sore Throat Relief in Kids

What you can do at home, and when to call the doctor.

Truth is, when kids' throats are sore and scratchy, a virus could be behind it. Those will pass, but there are steps you can take to get them back in full swing, fast:

  • Offer lots to drink. It's also a good time to bring out the popsicles.

  • Teach them to gargle. Using warm salt water every few hours can help give them pain relief.

  • At night, turn on a cool-mist humidifier. Your goal: keep the air in their room moist. Just make sure to clean your humidifier often.

  • Keep an eye on it, and call your pediatrician if:

    • The pain lasts longer than a few days

    • They've also got a fever or earache, or find it hard to breathe or swallow. They could have an infection (like strep throat) that needs treatment.

Since sore-throat-causing germs are easily passed on, remember to have everyone at home wash their hands often, and avoid sharing cups, utensils or towels.

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